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Green spaces

Oases where you can breathe, tools for cleansing the air and the water, guarantors for biodiversity, urban green spaces are real assets for public health and the well-being of citizens.

DERICHEBOURG VRD Espaces Verts specialises in the design, development and maintenance of green spaces and the related facilities. A full range of services makes it possible to embellish, secure and bring to life outdoor and indoor green spaces, while making a sustainable contribution to the heritage of these locations.

Our range of services starts with new work on design and land management: grass seeding, planting, mulching, earthworks, installing irrigation sprinkler systems, vegetation of walls and roofs, installing anti-intrusion hedges, etc.

By definition, the role of land developer is not something for the amateur and our teams also take care of the maintenance of indoor and outdoor spaces: lawn mowing and trimming, weeding, pruning, felling, stump removal, ecological weeding, watershed management, snow-clearance of roads, maintenance of indoor plants, floral subscriptions

Taking care of nature is more than an aspiration. It is our promise to all our customers, which is honoured by our teams.


of the surfaces we maintain receive no treatment with synthetic chemical phytosanitary products

0.5 to 3.8°C

increased coolness obtained from vegetated spaces in towns and cities

Certifications and approvals

Did you know?

1 m3 building timber absorbs 0.9 metric tons of CO2

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