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Our commitments

Resolutely committed for more than 60 years, the aim of the DERICHEBOURG Multiservices is to protect the environment and its resources, to clean up the urban environment and to improve the working environment.

Committed employer
Our priority is to balance environmental and human development issues.

The values of our Group, which places as much importance on our customers as on our workforce, spur us on to continue to improveme our social and societal environment.

A partner you can trust
Exemplary performance at all times

Our practice rests on the excellence of our services and the respect for ethics in our business conduct. Conscious of its responsibilities, the DERICHEBOURG Multiservices has introduced a complete anti-corruption policy mechanism.

Environmental footprint
Conserving natural resources

DERICHEBOURG Multiservices selects its suppliers based on the CSR criterion and positions itself as a partner in the energy performance of its customers by assisting them to implement their HQE (High Quality Environmental standard) and by offering energy performance contracts.

Preparing the future in the present

Research and innovation: powerful growth drivers for better performance and greater responsibility. Digital transformation has become a major issue at the service of organisations and trade procedures.


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