Derichebourg aeronautics services: an efficient, flexible and professional provider for aircraft production lines


For more than 25 years, Derichebourg aeronautics services has been providing skilled engineering and technical services to assist aeronautical production. The company is involved in aeronautical programmes the world over, providing subcontracting services across the entire value chain.

Derichebourg aeronautics services is involved at the manufacturing and final assembly line (FAL) level, from section-manufacturing plants to aircraft testing, fine-tuning and customer delivery activities.

At Derichebourg aeronautics services production activity is deployed in Toulouse/Blagnac on strategic FAL posts, as well as at the Saint-Nazaire, Méaulte, Rochefort, Hamburg and Seville sites, which produce sections, and Marseille (helicopters).

Almost 850 employees work in production-related professions, intervening on an average of 230 FAL aircraft each year across all programmes.

To deliver these services efficiently, production teams covering around ten different professions are set up. Each one works together in sync to deliver aircraft to customers. Team jobs include positions in the field (fitters, mechanics, electricians, cabin integrators, test technicians and quality inspectors, etc.) and support or organisational positions such as technical support, logistical support and coordinators. Finally, these production teams are headed up by managers that include a Team Leader (TL), a Quality Operational Manager (QOM), an Operating Leader (OL ) and a Unit Leader (UL).

The success of our services depends on close collaboration between these different professionals, each of whom contributes their specific expertise to ensure the quality, safety and performance of the assembled aircraft. This synchronisation is essential to meet deadlines and ensure the quality of deliverables, thus guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Thanks to this expertise, Derichebourg aeronautics services manages complete workstations fully independently, particularly for A330 commercial fitting-out: this service began in April 2024 and a second workstation is due to open in early September 2024.

The creation of this second workstation is part of the company's overall strategy to improve its performance by strengthening its competitiveness, which is essential to ensure its development on the international market. It is also demonstrating its ability to rapidly adapt its industrial and quality control processes to meet market requirements and customer expectations.

To ensure that operations run smoothly and achieve optimum results, the company has opted for a structure and management style that are close to those of its customers (certification management tools, local management, etc.) and is fully committed to continuous innovation. The effectiveness of these production teams is based on an understanding of the issues, expertise, full support from other team members, suitable tools and committed local management.

Every year, Derichebourg aeronautics services demonstrates its commitment and ability to meet the needs of the aeronautics market. This high-performance, agile and responsive organisation, rooted in proven expertise, enables us to play a decisive role in aircraft manufacturers’ value chains, contributing to the ongoing success of this industry by being a leader in its field.