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Remote Security

DERICHEBOURG Technologies implements innovative, custom-made security solutions, which protect persons and property and ensure continuity of business.

We are proficient in the entire security resources chain, whether this is at the level of electronic detection to detect the threat as early as possible or human surveillance for rapid intervention or to guarantee the safety of persons and property.

We also offer an APSAD P5 accredited range of remote surveillance services, which allow you to warn and analyse every threat remotely and in real time. Finally, we offer a mechanical resistance service to reinforce security in the face of possible malicious acts.

Our alarms are processed in less than


We process


alarms per year

Regulatory information:

DERICHEBOURG Technologies may call in the police services directly, if your electronic installations allow efficient confirmation. (Ministry of the Interior Circular INTD1502555C)

Certifications et approvals

Licence to practise AUT-075-2112-08-12-20130338583, issued by CNAPS on 13 August 2013. Pursuant to Article L612-14. Created by Ordnance No. 2012-351of 12 March 2012 of the French Internal Security Code: Administrative authorisation does not confer an official character to the company or to the persons, who benefit therefrom. The Government accepts no liability whatsoever.



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