Interview with Gabriel Lambert-Laurent, CEO at DERICHEBOURG FM


The CEO of DERICHEBOURG FM, Gabriel Lambert-Laurent, looks back on his career and explains Facility Management to us

Tell us about your career and your present role in DERICHEBOURG FM.
With a background in hotels and catering and facility management, I have 30 years of experience in operating service provision and business development for international consortia, in England and in France.
I trained as a chef and started my career in hotels and catering before starting to work in corporate catering and Facility Management in England at the beginning of the 1990s. My career has been reasonably balanced between operation, commerce, strategic project management and most recently, FM consultancy. Some months ago DERICHEBOURG Multiservices entrusted me with the management of its FM subsidiary to inject new management and development dynamism.

What are the advantages of the solutions offered by DERICHEBOURG FM?
DERICHEBOURG FM is an entity, which is expert in the management of integrated and out-sourced service provision. Our facility management of public access buildings and our digital agility are two key factors in our success in managing our contracts. We are at the heart of the DERICHEBOURG Multiservices synergy of specialist skills and our positioning on the matrix allows us to offer customers agile, innovative service solutions, with independent management.
We have launched a strategy aimed at members of staff and customer-users. The programme affects the entire value chain and the specialists in the DERICHEBOURG Group: this includes not only the way of going about things, but also involves behaviour.

What makes DERICHEBOURG FM a unique player in an ultra-competitive market?
Derichebourg is the actor most integrated into the market, which give us excellent synergistic cooperation. Our adaptable, customised service offer comprises hard facility services (multi-technical services for building management) and soft facilities (multi-service services for the well-being of the occupants).
We concentrate in particular on three strong axes: effective management tools, teams with expertise in the management and analysis of data, and also our integral specialist skill resources.

There are many challenges to be faced. What are the Company's priorities for preparing for the future?
The major challenges for a service provider are customer loyalty and the maintenance of healthy organic growth, together with an effective structure. It is by proximity management between staff and customers that we will stay on course. FM CARE starts in house; if we take care of our staff, they will take care of our customers.
Digital transformation has become a major issue in the service of organisations and process trades. This is why we are investing massively in innovation, in order to prepare as of now for the future. Finally, CSR is another strong axis of our development strategy, since we are positioning ourselves as an energy performance partner for our customers by supporting them in setting up their HEQ (High Environmental Quality) process.