DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services continues its development in Marignane


The Marseille area (and Marignane in particular) remains key to DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services and the deployment of its expertise. Its teams have been working within the Airbus Helicopters environment for more than 20 years now.

Technicians are involved in a wide range of engineering, manufacturing engineering and method preparation activities. Some of them work day and night on special processes such as stripping, masking and painting dynamic assemblies for NH90, H160/H175, Super Puma, Tiger and Ecureuil helicopters. Others help with the removal and remounting of helicopter cowlings for final paint preparation before delivery of the aircraft to the end customer. At the same time, quality inspectors certify every step in the intervention chain. Lastly, logistics specialists and buyers manage three warehouses in different buildings on the Marignane site to provide the Airbus teams with logistics and supply chain support.

The opening of a new agency overlooking the town of Vitrolles in the summer of 2023 has boosted sales momentum for DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services through local communication activities with its customers, mainly round-table discussions to share expertise and determine needs.

Its large technical teams and local recruitment division enable it to respond quickly and efficiently to its main customer's many demands. The day-to-day priority remains the provision of technical support to customers, with a real understanding of the ongoing challenges and issues, reflecting our unfailing flexibility and expertise.

This local presence is matched only by the determination of DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services to maintain its position as a major aeronautical subcontracting partner for the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services has a thorough understanding of all Airbus Group's international sites, as well as their activities, regulations and processes, and has been working alongside Airbus teams and other subcontractors for nearly 30 years, giving it a unique standing and high-level expertise. Belonging to a major group like Elior Group means that the necessary financial, technical and digital investments can be made to strengthen the trust of our long-standing customer, something that is constantly demonstrated through new consultations.

But the growth of activities at Marignane does not stop there. In perfect synergy with DERICHEBOURG Multiservices aeronautical training subsidiary (DERICHEBOURG aeronautics training), the Vitrolles agency regularly hosts groups of trainees developing their careers in manufacturing engineering, and will extend this to include quality inspection and production in the near future.

In the same agency, an adjoining facility of almost 100 m² has also been created to accommodate back-office operations for outsourcing services such as manufacturing engineering and CAMO.

With active growth in late 2023 and development projects planned for 2024, our recruitment department is seeking numerous future employees with expertise in preparation, technical support and quality inspection.

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