An unusual contract for DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services


Few weeks ago, DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services, the aeronautics subsidiary of DERICHEBOURG Multiservices, won a renewable two-year call for tender for a new business initiated by its industrial customer.

This follows the creation by Airbus of its own airline, Airbus Beluga Transport, an air carrier focused entirely on outsized cargo. This cargo service, dedicated solely to industrial manufacturers, currently uses three first-generation Belugas (soon to be joined by a fourth). A payload hold 7 metres in diameter and 37 metres long can accommodate cargo weighing up to 40 tonnes.

At Francazal Airport, some dozen employees of DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services are assigned to this business, using our own industrial resources for aircraft ground support and handling.

One team is dedicated to aircraft ground handling to assist the company with flight departures and aircraft arrivals, as well as the related ancillary services such as towing, emptying of toilets, refuelling, cleaning, etc.

A second service team provided to our long-standing customer handles and prepares cargo aircraft loading and unloading operations at Francazal and wherever in the world the cargo is being flown to.

A long-standing Airbus subcontractor for Beluga services (towing, washing, cleaning, toilet servicing, de-icing, flight departure and arrival, etc.), DERICHEBOURG aeronautics services was the ideal partner to match the requirements of this new Airbus branch.

Congratulations to the teams in charge of these services, who are once again demonstrating their traditional expertise in these areas on the former Francazal military base (a site well-known to Toulouse residents) currently undergoing conversion.